The winner / June's doodle

あみだくじをした結果、Steve Hさんに贈呈することが決まりました◎

Many thanks for joining to my quiz for getting a masking tape !
The winner is Steve H. Unfortunately other participants couldn't get but I would like to send one postcard as I really appreciate to them. Thank you very much to all!

今月はWEEKEND BASEHandMade in Japan Fes、チャリティー展CAT POWER 2015があるので結構忙しいです。めっちゃ忙しい。がんばる!

A bit late to post - June's diary.
It was a nice month, I went to Disney Land since 1996,  had cold,  got Kyary's DVD, went to see Magritte exhibition, my favourite gallery was closed, went to eat at lovely pancake shop in Harajuku...etc.
First two weeks in July in Japan is horrible, everyday was rain with strong humidity! But today is really nice weather, so I can clean up in my room finally! And my job, I have drawn lots of monkeys. I can't count them, quite a lot! This month I join to WEEKEND BASE, HandMade in Japan Fes and charity group show CAT POWER 2015. Sounds super busy month but just keep going!