one week holiday in London Part1


I'm back on Wednesday from London! I had a very lovely time with attending my friends' wedding and seeing London friends. Although I got cold in last few days, I really enjoyed to stay in London again :) I decided going to Oxford on 2nd day. The weather was fine there but London was raining for a week.

Ashmolean Museumでベーコンとムーアの展示を真っ先に見ました、オックスフォードなのに。おじさんのカタログはオックスフォードが舞台のミステリードラマ「モース警部」の散歩ガイド。そして不思議の国のアリスのモチーフやハリーポッターの撮影にも使われたChrist Churchも。

These are all catalogues I got in Oxford. I went to Ashmolean Museum to see the exhibition of Bacon and Moore first (I know it doesn't look like Oxford!). Walking guide of Inspector Morse, Christ Church (famous by Alice in Wonderland and canteen on Harry Potter)...

オックスフォード調べてる時に誰か様のブログでGrand Cafeというところが老舗で〜そんなに高くもなく〜というのを見てぜひ行ってみよう!と行ってきました。High Streetに面していて高級感あるただ住まいでも本当に値段も手頃で良かったです、おすすめ。写真を撮るのを忘れた・・・というか行ったよ☆証拠写真な感じになるのが嫌だったんですが、まぁいいや。行って軽食食べたのは本当です。

I've checked Grand Cafe from someone's blog, which is located on High Street. That blog said the cafe is very old but not so expensive... I went to have a meal there, the place looks posh but good prices for foods! I just forgot to take a photo, actually I didn't want the photo of 'I came here!'... sorry. However it true I visited!

Doug Hydeさんアートワーク。犬!
I found this lovely artworks by Doug Hyde at a gallery, bow!

Great Hall in Christ Church

In Covered Market

Places I visited / 行った所リンク

Ashmolean Museum: http://www.ashmolean.org/
Grand Cafe: http://www.thegrandcafe.co.uk
Doug Hyde: http://www.doughyde.com
Christ Church: http://www.chch.ox.ac.uk
Christ Church/ Harry Potter: http://www.chch.ox.ac.uk/visiting/harry-potter
Covered Market: http://www.oxford-coveredmarket.co.uk


その後はロンドンへ戻り、BOWOWOW advent calendarでお世話になったNatashaとTolly(犬)に初対面。ずっとスカイプはしていたけど、The Canine Gamesでも会わなかった。ナイストゥミーチューでした◎

After that, I went back to London and met Natasha and her dog Tolly, who is an organiser of BOWOWOW. I did the advent calendar for last Christmas. We had Skype in few times but never met even at The Canine Games. It was great to meet them!

Super lovely gift from her, thanks very much Natasha!

To be continued...