Living Cafe: Book1st 青葉台

私の地元、横浜の青葉台にあります東急スクエア4階Book 1st奥にあるLiving Cafeにて5月いっぱい展示をします。mini DOOOOOGS !! と題しまして展示作品は前回の個展をメインに今回は新作バッグも展示しています。カフェ店内はとても穏やかで明るい、落ち着ける空間です。東急スクエアでお買い物しての合間など、休憩も兼ねてぜひ見に来て下さいね。

My home town AOBADAI in Yokohama, I exhibit my works at Living Cafe in Book 1st, Tokyu Square. until 31st May. It's mini DOOOOOGS !! from my last solo show, with exhibiting new bags. The cafe serves warmly comfortable space, please come there when you'd like to take a rest during shopping in this department store :)

My free papers are left in the cafe.

mini DOOOOOGS !!
東急スクエア4階 Book 1st 青葉台 Living Cafe内


After hanging up my works, I walked to my house along Aobadai Park - nickname: Mushroom Park, I switched to think about next work with breathing air in the park.