Julie Verhoeven

Julie Verhoeven


I love works of Julie Verhoeven who is a London based artist. It was about 8years ago when I saw her works at the first time in magazine, I was very attracted Fashion world when I was a teenager. Then it made me going to London some day. Actually I hadn't seen after I came to London, but finally I could see them now!

写真は2カ所からなのですが、一カ所はCovent GardenにあるMelissaのポップアップショップでのインスタレーション。写真をよく見るとわかるんですが、靴や靴底が。もう一カ所はKensington Palaceでのダイアナ元妃の部屋にて、Julieが作った壁紙が一面を覆ってます。もう感動してしまくって作品から離れたくなかったー

These photos were taken at two places - Popup shop of Melissa at Covent Garden (installation works, you can see some shoes attached on the wall!) and Kensington Palace, Diana's section. There's a wallpaper. I didn't want to leave from her works!


These photos are for collaboration, it hasn't been ready so I'll announce it when it's ok. And also I'm selling bags, zines and cards at Lik+Neon in Brick Lane. I'll be in Japan next Tuesday 21 but still my works are in London.