I'm now in Japan from 21st last week. I took many stuffs from London so I was sorting them out, playing with Nana, sorting them out again... I got quite week by air conditioning as the inside of some places in London don't have it, but I'm okay for the hot weather (by the way, I spent very hot condition in last few days in London! horrible)


On Sunday I went to Kouenji (Tokyo) to see a cafe project by uwabami, I met them through my friend. We could see Awa-odori (originally from 徳島 Tokushima. a part of Bon Odori/Dance performed during Bon to welcome the spirits of dead. I don't know why it was in Tokyo)


These photos taken at Furusato-mura (Furusato means hometown) when we took Nana for a walk yesterday. It's really hard to walk with dogs in this hot weather, so we drive to here (around 8min?).


Before I left, I had making Sushi with Anna who is a daughter at my home-stay (she loves Sushi!). I feel quite relaxed coming back to Japan completely, however, I miss my friends, people and places which I met in London. But I have to get in touch not to disconnect them.

I'll announce my future events soon!