Madness week!

先週はステイ先のAsherの7歳の誕生日があり、Madnessの「Forever Young」というCDをプレゼントしました。MadnessはAsherの大好きなバンド。なんかすごいセンスな小学生だけど、私がこっちきたとき、Asherは2歳(すぐ3歳になったけど)、でThe Damnedが好きでした。

他にカードを置かせて頂いているFamily TreeさんにてSupermarket Sarahのパーティーがあり、土曜にはThe Canine Gamesという犬のイベントがあり遊びに行ってきました。展示会場に行かなかったな。今週日曜までなので今週はちょくちょく行きます。http://www.barbaratics.com/myshow.html

Last week Asher had his birthday and I presented Madness CD 'Forever Young' for him. Madness is his most favourite band, he has good sense for music. He liked The Damned three years ago when I just came to London.

The week I visited to Family Tree which I sell my cards, it has wall party with Supermarket Sarah on Thursday,
and I played with lots of doggies! at The Canine Games on Saturday.

So I didn't go to The Haberdashery last week, but I'll come down this week as it's finished on Sunday.