final week of June



This week it seems my eyes aren't alive than usual. I felt muscle pain on Monday maybe by walking in Hackney Weekend. I didn't bring my PC in the toilet but I felt something in my intestines so I spent a lot of times there... (if you have something with reading this, sorry!) We must PROPER shoes on when we go to music festival ;)

Recently I have to make three illustrations and wait for reply of the idea from the client. Those aren't about dogs so it was a bit hard to think about the idea for me as I hadn't drawn other motifs for ages. But I'm so excited for completing those!


This photo is from Tuesday (hope you could be refreshed from my story of restroom), she is a Japanese artist Ooka Ueno who came to my show with her son Kiano. I've seen his pictures on Facebook but I didn't expect she took him. He was firstly sleeping in a baby car then suddenly work up and gazed me, the face was so funny. We met at our attended art fair in 2010, thank you for coming, Ooka and Kiano!