wonderful gift

The Haberdasheryにはお庭もあります、写真は先週の水曜の昼に晴れた時の

We can't expect the weather in London, recently - raining, cloudy, sometimes sunny with low temperature. Almost people wear coats or cardigans - summer in London 2012. The Haberdashery has a garden, I took this photo when sun came out on Wednesday.

水曜日にイラスト仲間のChris Haughtonが展示を見に来てくれました。彼は
A Bit Lost、最近はOh No, GEORGE!(もうすぐ日本でも発売)を出版した有名な絵本作家さんです。会うの4回目くらいかな、確か(結構会ってた)。いつも忙しそうにしているので時間を割いて来てくれたのがすごく嬉しかった。色々な話して、例えば最近のテクノロジーを使ってうんぬんな、真面目は話を楽しくして。そして「私、Chrisのジョージを絶対買って帰国しようと思ってるから今度絶対買う」って宣言したら「おみやげが・・・」と絵本を出して、ジョージ&メッセージ&サインしてくれました!

On Wednesday my friend Chris Haughton visited to The Haberdashery to see my show. He's a very very talented designer and illustrator who published A Bit Lost and Oh No, GEORGE! We enjoyed to talk about illustration business which was inspiring me. Then I told that I was going to get Oh No, GEORGE! before going back to Japan, then...he show a book of George... put his drawing, message and sign on that! I can't express my feeling but really X100 appreciate to him. Many thanks X100, Chris!

展示の終わりはまだ教えてられていません、次のアーティストさんは大丈夫なのかな。恐らくもうすぐ終わりますが、The Haberdasheryはとても楽しい、素敵なカフェです。写真のケーキもあるし、食べ物もおいしいです。まだ明日あさっては展示引き続き開催されていると思うのでぜひ。

I didn't imagine in Japan I could make a lot of nice friends (art area, other area..anywhere) in London. I would like to say many thanks for everyone (I know it's too earlier!)! Anyway, my show hasn't been announced when it's finished but you have to come to The Haberdashery for having lovely sweets (of course Do Not miss my show)! That's my recommendation :)