Here's my show at The Haberdashery

北ロンドンにあるCrouch Endという静かな街にポップでヴィンテージなThe Haberdasheryというカフェがございます。

I show my exhibition which is now going until 15th July. I'm pleased to have that at a lovely cafe called
The Haberdashery is located in Crouch End in North London.


Many people who come here and take their friends, colleague or family for having a meal or tea.
This is exciting but very comfortable place.

作品と私っす(Matthew The HorseのTシャツと!)。

My works and me (with Matthew The Horse Tshirts!).


This day my friends came down and we had hot white chocolate was so lovely. I got vegetarian burger as I didn't eat a lunch, everything is fantastic. Please please pop in if you live in London or come to London. I'll welcome you to have a chat and tea!

until Sunday 15th July

22 Middle Lane, Crouch End, London
N8 8PL