work in progress for my recent projects

I haven't found a gallery in London yet, I'm working for my solo show this summer. The theme is definitely 'dog' as you see here. It's going to be my FIRST solo exhibition (!!) so I have to draw draw draw!


Also my other thing is zine, like Horror...
Maybe it must be fun!



As I work in my studio (house), I need to do something for my body. I try to exercise and walk. These photos which I took in the Alexandra Park on Thursday. These birds were chatting...what are these? also the sky seemed from old old painting in Europe. I know I'm childish by taking a toy stuff of Nana, but can't leave her.

ずっとスタジオ兼家の中での作業なので体操したりお散歩に出たりします。木曜にアリパリに行ったら鳥(なんの鳥だこれ)が、お茶会してるみたいだな。そして昔の西洋絵画のようなお空with ナナ!が撮れたりでした。