very LONDON snaps

Hello! Still continue to work for my solo show but...

I just played this using Nana as a motif but I'm getting to make something about this. Hope it was funny for you but I quite enjoy.


I think I hardly upload this kind of 'London' photos, hardly take pictures of views. This day I met up with my Japanese friend. She was at same art cram school before going to university, and we hadn't seen each other since we went to each different universities. So... it was for 9 years! Anyway, this is the FIRST LONDON for her, so we walked around and we could see these situation ( I know the first one is a bit weird, but I like...it). It might be interesting me.



As I updated my news, I'm going to attend an exhibition. I donated this printed work which was displayed at When We Feel last summer. The private view is on Thursday 2 Feb, let's join us!

more information: http://barbaraticsnews.blogspot.com/2012/01/new-beginnings-art-against-knives.html

newsでも告知しましたが、展示会(ロンドン)に参加します。昨年夏に行った展示会「When We Feel」にて発表した作品の一つ(プリントバージョン)を寄付しました。